Batanga Media’s Owned and Operated Properties Surpass 50 Million Monthly Unique Users in March, Fueled by Social and Mobile, Doubling From a Year Prior

April 15, 2015

The company’s lifetyle destinations,, and collectively reached over 40 million millennials and 30 million women in March 2015.

The rapid growth is a direct result of the company’s year-long focus to create content that is not only relevant and authentic to its audiences,but also that is inherently social and shareable. In doing so, the company has been able to successfully publish and distribute content to tens of millions through social platforms.

In the last 12 months,, and have organically doubled their audience to over 50 million monthly unduplicated unique users, with 60% of its users coming through mobile devices, and the majority of traffic coming from social media platforms, during the month of March of 2015.

Fact is, today’s digital audiences discover and share relevant content through social on their mobile devices where they increasingly spend the bulk of their media time on. By focusing its resources and energy on social content creation the company’s audience has grown organically on its digital properties and across social networks.

Brazil and the U.S. were the two fastest-growing markets in the last 12 months, at over 200% and 160% user growth respectively.

Additionally, with the proliferation of smartphone ownership among the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, an entirely new and growing audience of users are discovering, and on their mobile devices every day.

The growth of, and is not limited to the over 50 million monthly unique users to its web properties but also through the increased reach on social platforms like Facebook where the footprint for these brands has grown rapidly as well and resulted in a combined social fan and follower base of over 15 million.

Batanga Media’s editorial and content team have cracked the code on how to develop, create and produce relevant, authentic and shareable content at scale, as evidenced by these audience numbers.

The company’s goal moving forward is to collaborate with brands looking to engage and connect with digital audiences, in order to create custom, social content and successfully distribute that content in partnership with top brands.


  1. Over 50 million people visited,, and combined in March 2015, doubling since the same month in 2014.
  2. According to coScore, Millennials (18-34) account for over 50% of and’s audience in the U.S.
  3. 85% of and’s U.S. audience are coming to the sites through a mobile device.
  4. is a top 40 comScore entity in Brazil and Top 10 in the Lifestyle category in that country
  5. Batanga Sites is a top 40 comScore entity in Spanish-speaking Latin America while iMujer is a Top 5 Lifestyle property in the region
  6. was our fastest growing property growing 400% globally and 500% in the US.
  7., and together reached 30 million women in March of 2015.
  8., and combined reached 40 million Millennials in March of 2015.


BATANGA.COM has expanded beyond Latin Music to become a force in “smart entertainment” sparking curiosity through entertainment content. Its offerings include music, movies & TV, science, technology, curiosities and Latin lifestyle. allows millennials to authentically connect to their identity and passions through entertianing digital and video content.

Global Audience: 15 Million
Millennials: 10 Million
iMUJER.COM inspires women with lifestyle content that impacts every aspect of their lives. Publishing content including fashion, beauty, health, home, parenting, celebrities, cooking, and relationships, iMujer’s content is consumed and shared by millions of women every day.

Global Audience: 20 Million
Women:17 Million

BOLSADEMULHER.COM, one of Brazil’s largest lifestyle properties, inspires women through lifestyle content that speaks to every facet of their lives. Content channels include fashion and beauty, love and relationships, parenting and cooking, as well as family and health. delivers lifestyle to millions of Portuguese speaking women across the Americas.

Global Audience: 17 Million
Women: 12 Million